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Citylink Investments Ltd. operates since 1994 in various and vast aspects of town planning and municipal development.

The company’s main vocation domains are:

  1. Town Planning
  2. Promoting and Managing Projects
  3. Municipal Business Development
  4. Entrepreneur

The company specializes in strategic, programmatic and economic planning, managing and promoting planning policy (economic, urban and environmental) national, regional and local wide, master plans, borders committees etc.

Company’s expertise is in providing unique counseling services to local authorities and urban corporations concerning funding and recruiting resources solutions in order to advance projects, strategic plans for economic local development, initiating and managing partnerships of corporations and financial companies.

The company has great experience in leading and promoting thematic and widthwise planning processes especially implementation processes adjusted to municipal systems, such as urban renewal, municipal preservation, national master plan (tama) 38, urban taxation policy etc.
Citylink serves as Israel Lands Administration planning company and managing company of urban renewal.

Amongst our clients: governmental offices, private and communal bodies, urban companies and local authorities